Vital Stats:

Name: Wandering Kotka
Habitat: USA, Bulgaria
Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Foreign Languages, Video Games, Travel, Yoga
Likes: Late Nights, Tea, Cats, More Tea, Books, High Heels, Pokemon,  Stupid Bilingual Puns
Dislikes: Mornings, Region-Blocking, Power Outages, Wednesdays, Direct Sunlight
Most Likely to Doodle: Cat, Winged Heart
Favorite Mario Kart Racer: Dry Bowser
Favorite Pokemon: Meowth
Favorite Smash Brothers Fighter: Kirby
Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, MediBang Paint, Wacom Intuos 4, Cheap Pencils, Copics, Lots of Tea
Experience: 10+ years as an active freelance artist
Contact: contact@wanderingkotka.com


What the heck is a ‘kotka’?
“Kotka” is the Bulgarian word for “cat.” I’ve been using feline words in my internet handles since the days when a computer monitor was spacious enough for a cat to sleep on top of it. Plus, the internet loves cats, right?

Can I use your art for ____? Will you send me a high-res of ____?
If you’d like to use my work for personal, non-profit, or educational purposes (e.g. a desktop wallpaper, a usericon, a forum signature, a school report) I don’t mind and you needn’t ask permission. I do request visible credit and, if possible, a link back. However, please do not request high-resolution images as I do not distribute these for free.

The one exception to this policy is commissioned artwork. Commissioned works are for the use of their commissioners only (especially as many of my commissioned pieces involve characters that are the property of the commissioner.) Please respect the rights of these fine folks and refrain from using the works they spent their hard-earned funds to buy.

If you’d like to use my work for commercial purposes, please contact me for permission, rates, and high-res images.

How long have you been drawing?
Since I could get my fat little fists around a crayon. I haven’t stopped since then. (Much to the consternation of every teacher I ever had.)

How long have you been taking commissions?
I took my first commission in elementary school for a pack of Warheads. Not my best deal, now that I think about it.