Some of the creatures I draw for this I know will be well-received (everyone loves a seemingly pretty girl, or a cat) and some are just for my own bloody-minded amusement. Case in point: the Vodyanoi or Vodnik, an amphibious old man who lives underwater, smokes a pipe, and drowns the unwary. He keeps the souls of his victims in little porcelain teacups (who knew the soul was so small?) and is easily bribed with high-quality tobacco.

If you're weird like me, you can grab prints of him on Society6 society6.com/product/pipe-smoke-tea-leaves-5bj_print#s6-4825558p4a1v45 or DesignbyHumans www.designbyhumans.com/shop/art-print/pipe-smoke-tea-leaves/290714/
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A belated bit of birthday art for NickyFlamingo Art of her lovely Jia who, for some reason, my brain insisted on drawing in a sort of cartoon retro style.

. . . now I want to do some more characters in this style. Halp.
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8/18/16: A new Creature of Myth has been added.  Meet the watery Vodnik and learn how to avoid his ire!

6/23/16: My art is now available on prints, device cases, and sweet wearables from TeePublic and the Design By Humans collective!

5/16/16: A new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-inspired tee design, a sunny new Creature of Myth, a slew of new Pagedolls, and a 2016 gallery have all been added.  Explore and enjoy!

4/28/16: A new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-inspired tee design has been uploaded.

3/15/16: A new Gundam Wing-inspired tee design has been uploaded as well as the latest Creature of Myth!  Meet the dream-devouring Baku and learn how to rest easy.

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