TheNekk is spoiling me rotten this holiday season! I love her take on my Bamharr Kao Lin and her fluid composition. Have a Bamharr of your own? TheNekk is taking commissions for pieces like this one! Swing by her deviantART page for details on how to get one of your very own! thenekk.deviantart.com/journal/Holiday-Special-OPEN-649755305 ... See MoreSee Less

A very sparkly Kao Lin for my dear, Wandering Kotka. Was gonna be a holiday surprise, but I'm just terrible at keeping pretties like this a secret! 💕 Just too bad the composer cut out a lot of her...

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TheNekk is killing me with this beautiful take on my make-your-own Bamharr (closed species by LotusLumino), Kao Lin. I just love how TheNekk captures motion and flow! ... See MoreSee Less

Kao Lin lined art done! For my love Wandering Kotka 💕 those thighs nnnnngh! Want to squeeze 'em! #sketch #lineart #bambabes #bamharr #wanderingkotka #flutters #art #artworks #thenekk

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11/1/16: Fans of my Pagedolls can now snag the base I use for them from Gumroad for pay what you want!  There’s also a new design in the Tee Design gallery and two new pieces in the 2016 gallery!

10/17/16: You can now snag bases and other resources from me through Gumroad for pay what you want, yes, even if what you want to pay is absolutely nothing at all.  These bases are free for you to use for fun and profit, so explore and enjoy!

10/12/16: A new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-inspired tee design has been uploaded and 11 (!) new pieces have been added to the 2016 gallery!

8/18/16: A new Creature of Myth has been added.  Meet the watery Vodnik and learn how to avoid his ire!

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